Bahama Conchs

Queen conch also know as Aliger Gigas, originally known as Strombus gigas and pink conch, is a wonderful shell often depicted as the face of seashells and conchs. They are found within the Bahamas region from Brazil to Bermuda, they are a very large shell reaching upwards to 14 inches long. often this supersized mollusk is eaten within the Bahamas region as it's said to have a similar texture and taste to calamari.

Queen conch is also referred to as a pink conch due to its striking pink coloration of the internal shell, as being a herbivore queen conchs can be found near seagrass beds forging for decaying plant matter, while being exponentially rare queen conch is one of the mollusks that can produce a pearl while the coloration of the pearl can vary from conch to conch from brown to white the rarest and most sought after are the pink pearls that can be produced, while not endangered many restrictions have been placed to ensure that overfishing remains under control much like how fishing licenses and size requirements help protect local fish populations.

Such a beautiful shell creates a great centerpiece for any nautical decor and large crafting projects