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Emperor's Slit Also known as Mikadotrochus Hirasei Found in the East China sea from Taiwan to Japan this beautiful shell is within the family of Pleurotomariidae, having a similar Trochus type shell and  Warm Cream color and Splotchy ornage-Brown coloration can be found in deep water often from 150 to 300 meters that's nearly thousand feet down.

The Pleurotomariidae are supposedly the most ancient of the Gastropods, being found as far back as the Cambrian era. Be that as it may, they are certainly very beautiful!! Their preferred habitat of steep rock walls and undersea canyons, or just plain very deep water, combined with their uniqueness (ok, Scissurellidae look surprisingly similar, but they are only 1 to .5 mm....) and attractiveness, make them some of the "classic rarities" of the shell world.