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The Marble Cone is also known as Conus Marmoreus is species of predatory sea snail in the family Conidae commonly known as cone snails, while you may think a snail might have difficulty hunting unless the creature is also slow such as other gastropods and invertebrates while this is true that Cone snails have a special trait allowing them to hunt fish and other creatures this is a venomous harpoon attach to a flexible tube in there proboscis that the snail can strike a target and reel it back in from a short distance as the venom quickly incapacitates its meal. While some of the cone snails are said to sting similar to a bee sting many of the larger species like the marble cone are known to be fatal to humans if struck by the snail's harpoon. 

Marble cones have a unique pattern across the shell of brown-black and yellow like a slab of marble hence the name, these beautiful shells make lovely craft projects and nautical decor.