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Ramshorn Apple Snail is also known as Marisa Cornuarietis is a species of freshwater snail in the family ampullariidae the apple snails, having a striped spiral shell resembling the horns of rams hence the name these snails can be found in South America naturally and in  Florida by human intervention. 

Marisa Cornuarietis is a unique species having the rare trait of having gills for water breathing as well as lungs for air-breathing as well as being an omnivore scavenger feeding on plants, dead fish, and basically anything that it can catch. 

often sold as aquarium scavengers under a misleading name of Giant ramshorn snail or Colombian Ramshorn Snail, Marisa Cornuarietis is a part of the apple snails family not the True Ramshorn snail family, also Marisa Cornuaritetis has been used as a Biological control agent to stop the Biomphalaria Snails that Host the Parcidical Disease Schistosomiasis or Snail Fever a potentially fatal Disease Caused by parasitic flatworms the Biophalaria Host.