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One Container of Florida Marine Research Brand Hermit Crab Food 

  • 🍴The Food That Most Hermit Crabs Will Eat, Enjoy, And Be Able To Maintain A Healthy Life Cycle
  • 🍴 Features Food Oils Which Will Help Promote Successful Molting And Will Allow For An Indefinite Shelf Life
  • 🍴 This Product Weighs 4-Ounce

"FMR Hermit Crab Food is well recognized and accepted by the buying public.  FMR has developed a food for hermit crabs to enjoy and enable them to maintain a healthy life cycle. Other crab foods may have unpleasant odors and may harden rendering the food inedible. This product has been developed with food oils that help promote successful molting and also allow for a long shelf life." Florida Marine Research