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Siratus alabaster, or Alabaster Murex, is a predatory species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Muricidae, often referred to as the murex or rock snails. It is found in the waters around Japan, Taiwan, and down to the Philippines.

This specific shell can be used as a Hermit Crab Shell Replacement or for Air Plants. 

This product was once a living creature. No item is identical. They may come with deformities but are completely real. This specific item is meant to be curved in all directions, sometimes cupped. These items are NOT meant for human consumption. These shells were found on the beaches of their areas and sold to us in mass quantities. Please keep out of the reach of infants, children, animals(pets), or those who don't know how to handle the product properly. Be cautious, this shell can break if dropped. Please check on the product as soon as received, and let us know with pictures if the product is damaged by the carrier. You will have 24 hours from initial delivery to request a return or exchange once given proof of damages.

Please be cautious. This item is SHARP, please handle it with care.