$19.99 USD
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Thick Heavy Net for decorative purposes only. Can be used indoors or outdoors.
Please wash it to get the natural odor out of the net.
This is in the color black, and may still have traces of brown but is fully black in color. 

This product is genuine used fishing net now only used for decoration purposes. Do not use it for fishing. No item is identical. They may come with variations in color and shape. Please keep out of the reach of infants, children, animals(pets), or those who don't know how to handle the product properly. This is NOT meant for fishing, just decoration. They may have a smell when you open the box, place them outside in the sun to air out and they will be fine. Or if you wish, wash on a normal cycle in the washing machine. Please check on the product as soon as received, and let us know with pictures if the product is damaged.