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🦈 Blacktip Shark Jaw 🦈
Shark Jaw may vary in shape 
Now rare items as they are no longer being imported into the states.

⚠️Caution Sharp. Keep away from children and pets.⚠️
⚠️They have sharp teeth and must be handled with care. ⚠️ 

Blacktip shark also known as Carcharhinus Limbatus is a common coastal shark found all across the world in warmer ocean waters. Blacktips can grow to reach the size of 5FT 
and are identifiable by the black coloration on the ends of their fins looking like a deep outline around the edges. 
Blacktips are commonly fished for food, leather, and oil across the world, while not endangered blacktips are considered to have a low reproductive rate and international conservation efforts are in place to protect the species from overfishing.
Blacktips Like the spinner shark, the blacktip shark is known to leap out of the water and spin serval times in the air before landing this is often a byproduct of chasing food during a feeding run. tho it is also known to do this to shake off sharksucker fish that have irritated the shark's skin.
Display Items are sold as-is in the picture.
May come with imperfections as they are REAL shark jaws.
All sizes vary between the sizes chosen. Example: If you buy one 7 - 8", the sizes can vary from 7 inches to 8 inches. No jaw will be the exact same.