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Chank Horn Shell | Various Sizes" | 1 Piece

Chank Horn Shell | Various Sizes" | 1 Piece

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west Indian Chank shell was also known as  Lamp shell and Turbinella Angulata

the chank comes from the word Shankha meaning divine conch or sacred conch, used as a musical instrument in several cultural, it's most known for its use in Hinduism as a religious instrument.

due to the chank shells unique interior with a correct cut across the point of the shell, it can become a musical instrument similar to a trumpet requiring a musician to place their hand inside the main opening of the shell and blowing through the cut-off area, the position of the player's hand can change the pitch of the horn. 

many musicians find that larger chank horns are easier to play, please note this is a musical instrument and may require practice in wind-based instruments to get the desired sound 


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