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Murex Ramosus also know as Branch Murex and Chicoreus Ramosus, is a marine gastropod in the family Muricidae or commonly know as murex snails, they are predators that hunt other mollusks for food.  found in the indo-west pacific from Madagascar to Australia named for their small branch-like ends often colored white to light brown murex Ramosus is one of the larger species of Murex reaching upwards to 1 foot in length. 
Murex Ramosus is a lovely shell that due to its shape makes for a wonderful nautical air plant holder as well as great for decorative craft projects

This item is great for decoration and centerpieces. They can also be able to be used as a vase for flower arrangements or the smallest one for air plants.

This product was once a living creature. No item is identical. They may come with deformities but are completely real. Please keep out of the reach of infants, children, animals(pets), or those who don't know how to handle the product properly. Be cautious, this shell can break if dropped. Please check on the product as soon as received, and let us know with pictures if the product is damaged by the carrier. You will have 24 hours from initial delivery to request a return or exchange once given proof of damages.