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Style 1.) Yellow Cup Seashell Ornament
Style 2.) Scallop/Bruneus Polished Angel
Style 3.) Purple Pecten Angel with Pink Lace & Ribbon
Style 4.) White Scallop Green Glittered
Style 5.) Pink Armoured Starfish Ornament
Style 6.) Purple Armoured Starfish Ornament
Style 7.) Tonna Gold with Rotex Ribbon
Style 8.) Glittery White Star
Style 9.) Silver Japanese Landsnail
These are all handmade with hot glue. Can be repaired with Hot Glue if fallen off the tree and broken.
These are all 100% Real Seashells.
Can be bought in singles or in bundles.
Warning Choking Hazard - Small parts seashells are a natural product not intended for children under the age of 14. Shells have sharp edges and points. Handle with care.