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This item includes one single shark in a Bottle with a foam base.
Origin: Atlantic Ocean
Type of Shark: Spiny Dogfish Shark
Scientific Name: Squalus Acanthias
The spiny dogfish shark, Squalus Acanthias, is found in temperate waters worldwide and is one of the best-known sharks in the world. Males grow to just over 3 feet on average, reaching maturity at around 11 years, while females may grow over 5 feet long and reach maturity after around 20 years.
These baby sharks are not fished for this purpose; they are by-products of commercial fishing. At times, female sharks are caught with developing young inside of them; these are collected and preserved. Preserved in 70% isopropyl alcohol dyed blue for a captivating “oceanic” aesthetic.
We hope you enjoy your new pet!
⚠️ Not suitable for children under 13. These are all preserved shark products. Some may contain sharp teeth or edges. Not intended for consumption. Do NOT eat the product or open the sealed jar. Be cautious with the glass jar, as it could break. Items are Fragile.⚠️