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The common starfish, common sea star or sugar starfish (Asterias rubens) is the most common and familiar starfish in the north-east Atlantic. Belonging to the family Asteriidae, it has five arms and usually grows to between 10–30 cm across, although larger specimens (up to 52 cm across) are known.

Also better known as a childhood television spongey character's pink best friend. 

Note to customers: Please understand that "Sugar" Starfish is the name of the creature. It is NOT made of sugar and it is NOT edible. We do NOT recommend you use this for consumption or to place on food products as decoration.

This product was once a living creature. No item is identical. They may come with vary in color, and shape and are completely real. Please keep out of the reach of infants, children, animals(pets), or those who don't know how to handle the product properly. This is NOT edible, please do not consume this product. They may have a smell when you open the box, place them outside in the sun to air out and they will be fine. Just make sure there are no birds or animals that are around to eat the product. Please check on the product as soon as received, and let us know with pictures if the product is damaged by the carrier. You will have 48 hours from initial delivery to request a return or exchange once given proof of damages.